Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This article is in response to the new Bing Crosby commercial for Argos, showing Bing beatboxing to an audience. It is very interesting no matter what your view is... Leave Bing's Legacy Alone by Dennis McKeith When I wrote my newspaper columns I was happily known as the man who saw the funny side of most things, but there's one subject where the laughing has to stop. I'd like to give some advice to whoever is responsible for the latest Argos TV advert, which is upsetting lots of people in a certain age bracket. Before you enter the world of advertising can I suggest you do a lot more consumer research when the person you are considering using in the advert is a respected and revered icon who can't answer back. I don't know if any permission to do this was given by the right quarters, but even if it was, I personally think it still wins the cruellest advert ever. So, here is a bit more advice; take it off the haunted fish-tank for the sake of our community, for your normally good image and just to be fair, Bing's memory. There's an old Scottish gag that asks 'What's the difference between Bing Crosby and Walt Disney?' to which the Scot answers 'Bing sings but Walt disnee'. I wonder if the powers-that-be at Argos have even heard Bing sing? That's sing in the way that made him an icon whose personality, acting talent and toasted baritone voice still holds treasured and personal memories to millions of people who he also gave barrels of laughs to. For decades his rendition of White Christmas was a piece of seasonal heaven for millions of families at Christmas time. I wonder which advertising whizz-kid didn't know he or she was desecrating a much-loved star's memorable persona to gain more trade, when in actual fact, it might be looked upon as ill-gotten gains?

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