Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Dream House
Tile #3 on the Studio City Walk of Fame

Production Company: Mack Sennett Comedies

Cast: Bing Crosby, Ann Christy, Kathrin Clare Ward, Eddie Phillips, Vernon Dent

Directed by Del Lord

DREAM HOUSE is commemorated in Tile #3 on the Studio City Walk of Fame. The two-reel comedy feature film, produced by Mack Sennett, the "King of Comedy", was released on January 17, 1932.

Bing Crosby stars as plumber 'Bing Fawcett' in one of his earliest films. Dream House is one of six two-reel musical comedies Mr. Crosby made for Mack Sennett that include I Surrender Dear (1931), One More Chance (1931), Billboard Girl (1932), Blue of the Night (1933) and Sing, Bing, Sing (1933).

Mr. Crosby went on to become the first multi-media superstar entertainer with records, radio, television and film.

SYNOPSIS: Bing Crosby sings "Take My Sugar to Tea" on his way to ask Betty (Ann Christy) to get married. Betty is on her way to Hollywood and at the train, they exchange promises of marriage. Betty's mother (Kathrin Clare Ward) doesn't want her beautiful daughter marrying a plumber and does everything she can to sabotage the engagement.

Bing goes to Hollywood to find Betty but he is refused entry to the lot where she is filming. He has several slapstick moments trying to reach Betty. He puts on a disguise to become an extra on the set of an Arabian desert film. Bing bursts into the song, "It Must Be True (Beside a Shady Nook)." Hell breaks loose, all leading to the lovers' reunion and Betty decides to stop acting and return home with Bing.

On the way home to Missouri, Bing croons the title song "I Have Built a Dream House" to Betty.



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