Friday, July 26, 2013


(Sammy Cahn / James Van Heusen)

Of the many great teams -- meat and potatoes, hot dogs and mustard, liver and onions -- few could match the perfect hand-in-glove fit of Bing and Bob Hope. Bing and Bob recorded more than a dozen songs together for commercial release, beginning in 1944 with "Road to Morocco" and "Put it There, Pal" and ending in 1961 with "Teamwork" and "The Road to Hong Kong." Although many show business teams have parted on less than friendly terms (Martin and Lewis, Abbott and Costello, Lennon and McCartney), Bing and Bob stuck together until parted by death. One more road picture and an album of duets was planned for the duo in 1978 until fate intervened...

When two guys pull together it's teamwork.
In foul or sunny weather it's teamwork.
What does it take to make any business climb?
You'll find it takes teamwork every time.

Incidentally, your jokes will kill the yokels it's teamwork.
I love your hokey vocals it's teamwork.
Like Fred Astaire and Ginger yet twice as chic
We'll give them that teamwork, cheek to cheek.

Here we are, just like in Zanzibar
Still nothin, still a star.
That's quite a stab from old flab.
They always pay us plenty for teamwork.
We split it 80-20 -- that's teamwork?
(Yours is tax free.)

When others start to part and go off the beam.
Like siamese brothers we'll be on each other's team.

No fuss about the billing it's teamwork
The smallest type is thrilling it's teamwork.
Although we hold each other in low esteem
We're loaded with teamwork!
Hey now!
What's life without teamwork?
Go boy!

Unless you got teamwork there's no team.


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