Wednesday, July 3, 2013


A few days after the Allied Invasion of Normandy, Bing Crosby was on hand on a broadcast of Command Performance. The radio show, aimed at entertaining our servicemen, showcased some of Hollywood's biggest talent at the time. This broadcast Bing appeared on was on June 17, 1944.

Hosted by Jack Benny, who jokes with Ken Carpenter about his introduction, movies, and Jack’s plumber girlfriend.

Bing Crosby enters to tease Jack. After reading greetings and requests from the mailbag Bing sings, You Must Have been a Beautiful Baby.

The two old timers, Jack and Bing, talk about the old days at the Coconut Grove. With Dennis Day now in the Navy, Jack tries to ask Bing to sing as a regular on his show, if he can afford him.

Georgia Gibbs dips into the mailbag for requests then sings, Stormy Weather.

Jack tries to butter up Georgia to be his singer, but is cut short when Harpo enters. For a guy who doesn’t talk, can he keep up with Jack with the jokes? You know he will, especially whenhe he calls on Gary Cooper to be his translator. Yup. Lots of laughs for the shortest amount of words.

Harpo then plays his harp while Bing sings, My Blue Heaven.

Jack and Bing present sounds from home, Ann Miller doing a tap dance in combat boots. Who knew an old set of boots could sound so good?

Brother Bing takes over and dedicates the next song, I Alone. Then, Bing and Harpo provide the parting words to the troops. There never was such great entertainment before or since...


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