Monday, July 22, 2013


Crosby Golf Good Despite Rain And Crowds
By Leo Levine Stars and Stripes

Coming from Stuttgart after picking up his new $8,250 Mercedes-Benz convertible, Bing Crosby stopped off at Frankfurt course for a quick round.Cloudy skies and scattered rainshowers held Bing to12 holes, but he gave the gallery of 500 spectators a thrill.
Possessor of a three handicap on his home course in California, Bing lived up to his reputation on the Frankfurt links. He had never seen the course before, he was besieged by autograph seekers and camera bugs both between and during shots, and at times couldn't see where he was driving because of crowds between him and the green, but Crosby still managed to come in with a two-over-par 38 for nine holes.

Bing played in a foursome with Glenn Peeples, two-time Stuttgart District champion; Vie Janusch, Frankfurt ace, and Jack Ellis, sports editor of The Stars and Stripes.

The rain drove Bing and his partners back to the clubhouse where the radio and film star sang several songs.

After staying overnight in Frankfurt, Bing will head for Brussels, and from there back to Paris. He's slated to play in the French Amateur golf tourney June 4 at Chantilly, outside Paris, and has already received a bye into the second round. He will meet Pierre Bochayer, of France, in his first match.

Bing, who learned his game from MacDonald Smith, a famous old-time pro, said he thought Jimmy Demaret was potentially the best golfer around today. He said that if Demaret paid a little more attention to his golf and took the game more seriously, he would be higher on the moneywinning list.

Bing stopped off for lunch at The Stars and Stripes Press Club in Darmstadt...


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