Sunday, November 15, 2015


Europe’s biggest collection of Bing Crosby memorabilia and records will be presented at Taylor’s Auction Rooms in Montrose in early January.

The collection of Bing Crosby records and memorabilia belonged to the late Mr Frank Grant who fell in love with the sound of Bing Crosby and started collecting all things Bing at the young age of 16.

His family extended the family home to accommodate the Bing Crosby collection with a purpose built room.

Mr Grant met Bing Crosby many times. One photo from the collection shows Mr Grant with Bing on September 13, 1972 at St Andrew’s Golf Course.

Mr Grant holds one of his many albums which included news cuttings and photographs of Bing.

Taylors this week completed work increasing their floor space to a staggering 40,000 square feet by adding a level inside the main building.

This is to accommodate some of the Scotland’s largest collections of books for sale.

Ian Taylor said: “Our Auction rooms are one of the few places that are prepared to handle such large quantities of books.”

On November 16, a sale of 40,000 records all from the same collector, along with his vast collection of model train layouts will fill the rooms.

The Bing collection includes records, vinyls, reel to reel tapes, sheet music, photo albums and posters and will take place at Taylor’s Auction Rooms, Montrose on Saturday, January 9.

Full catalogues and images will be available at

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