Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Steven C. Crosby '81 endured 28 separate interviews to land his dream job at Seattle-based Vulcan Inc., the brainchild of billionaire investor and philanthropist Paul G. Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft. In his capacity as vice president of corporate communications, Crosby reports directly to Allen and oversees Vulcan's in-house marketing, PR, media relations, advertising, special events, promotions, community outreach and government affairs teams.

The son of actor Gary Crosby and the grandson of legendary crooner Bing Crosby, Crosby 's only forays into show business were a few high school plays and hosting his own college radio show. "My father forbade me from going into show business, so it forced me to focus my energies elsewhere."

He says that his parents were very careful to make sure he lived a normal life and earned his keep. "I had jobs all throughout high school, college and law school. I didn't have all the trappings one might expect from a Hollywood lifestyle. My parents kept everything very grounded."

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