Thursday, March 11, 2010


Here is the opening number from what many say is Bing Crosby's worst movie SAY ONE FOR ME from 1959!


  1. I have always liked Debbie in her films - and have frequently felt that it is a great pity that her one film with Bing is distinguished by being amongst the worst he did. Come to that it is difficult to remember much that she did that was worse - not because any failure of either of them. Partly script, partly lacklustre direction, partly second or third rate songs. But think of the heights both managed elsewhere. Things should have worked. They didn't. Debbie, who I think is 77, but looks very much younger, starts on tour of UK next month, April 2010.

  2. I agree with you Jarbie. Did you ever see the film she did with her husband at the time Eddie Fisher called BUNDLE OF JOY? The film was not that great, but I loved the musical numbers.

    Getting back to SAY ONE FOR ME. Bing should have done it as a sequel to BELLS OF ST. MARYS. He should have played the role as an older Father O'Malley...just my opinion.