Saturday, February 5, 2011


As reported on this blog and elsewhere, Kathryn Crosby, the widow of Bing Crosby, suffered a horrible accident before Christmas. Kathryn was seriously injured, and her 2nd husband was killed. I am pleased to report that Kathryn is doing a lot better, and she is on the mend.

Here is what Malcolm MacFarlane, editor of the International Crosby Club had to say:

"The latest news is that Kathryn is doing very well, surprising her doctors and surgeons. She is at one of her homes, with a part-time nurse, and has started receiving ‘guests’. Her friends are starting to visit in order to play cards with her, and she’s quite excited at how well 2010 turned out for Bing Crosby Enterprises as the Bing/Bowie duet on iTunes was downloaded tens of thousands of times. She’s also getting back involved in planning the 2011 BCE activities, including a very revamped website. So, the ‘old’ Kathryn is starting to roar back"

Our thoughts and continued prayers go out to Kathryn and the Crosby family...

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  1. I am very happy to hear of Katthryn's recovery being far ahead of schedule,what I sense of Kathyrn you can't keep a good woman down......and this is one good woman.

    God bless you,and I hope to see you when you roar back.