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Another masterpiece from Sepia Records is coming out! The 2 CD set of previously unavailable tracks are taken from studio playback and movie exploitation discs or alternative versions from 1933 to 1958, spanning 25 years of Bing Crosby's career. The contents of both CDs were produced by and for the film studios for differing uses in the making of the films and the records themselves were never intended to reach the hands of the public. These unusual and rare tracks have been remastered and sound amazing...

Title: Rarities from the Hollywood Studios 1933-1958 (2 CD Set)
Artist: Bing Crosby
Catalogue No.: SEPIA 1388
Barcode: 5055122113881
Release Date: June 2024

CD 1

1. 42nd STREET: You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me; Young And Healthy
2. COLLEGE HUMOR: Learn To Croon; Moonstruck
3. WE'RE NOT DRESSING: Once In A Blue Moon; Love Thy Neighbor; It's A New Spanish Custom
4. WE'RE NOT DRESSING: I Positively Refuse To Sing; May I?
5. HERE IS MY HEART: Love Is Just Around The Corner; June In January; With Every Breath I Take
6. DOUBLE OR NOTHING: It's The Natural Thing To Do; Smarty; All You Want To Do Is Dance; The Moon Got In My Eyes; After You
7. PARIS HONEYMOON: I Have Eyes; You're A Sweet Little Headache; The Funny Old Hills; Joobalai
8. RHYTHM ON THE RIVER: Rhythm On The River; What Would Shakespeare Have Said; When The Moon Comes Over Madison Square; I Don't Want To Cry Any More; That's For Me; Ain't It A Shame About Mame

CD 2

1. I'm Hummin', I'm Whistlin', I'm Singin'
2. Old Folks At Home
3. I Wished On The Moon
4. Takes Two To Make A Bargain
5. Empty Saddles
6. Our Last Hawaiian Moon
7. Blue Hawaii
8. In A Little Hula Heaven
9. Smarty
10. Small Fry
11. A Man And His Dream
12. Music from 'The Star Maker': Medley: "Go Fly A Kite" - "If I Was A Millionaire" - "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now" "School Days" - "Go Fly A Kite"(reprise)
13. It's Always You
14. By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
15. Swinging On A Star
16. In The Land Of Beginning Again
17. Say It Isn't So
18. Get Yourself A Phonograph
19. Camptown Races
20. You've Been Looking Thru My Dreams
21. You're The Top
22. Blue Moon


Sunday, May 5, 2024


Here is a sad photo, but I wanted to share it. It ia the closet picture I have found of Bing at his wife Dixie's funeral on November 3, 1952. I feel that Dixie's death changed Bing's life...

Monday, April 29, 2024


 As a Bing Crosby fan and writer, I have come in touch with some of the wonderful people in Bing's family. I have had the pleasure to correspond with his nephew Howard Crosby (Ted's song) and his grandson Phil Crosby Jr. Off and on through the years though I have crossed paths with someone claiming to be related to Bing. His stage name is Johnny Holiday and "performs" the old standards and claims to be the great nephew of Bing Crosby, but he has not relation to Bing. Johnny Holiday (aka Scott Ables) claims to be the grandson of Bing's sister Mary. However, no one in the Crosby family has ever met him!

Howard Crosby, genuine nephew of Bing Crosby on Mary Rose, sister of Bing Crosby and supposed grandmother of Scott Ables/Johnny Holiday:

“Aunt Mary Rose had two children, cousin Carolyn who is 89 and lives in Las Vegas, and her son Bill Miller who died many years ago. Carolyn had 6 children, the Quinns, 5 of whom are still with us. I know them all...”

“This guy is NOT one of our relations, that's for sure!”

Furthermore, Johnny Holiday claims to have gotten his start on The Lawrence Welk Show, but I contacted someone I know in the Lawrence Welk organization, and they have no record of him. There are no pictures of Scott with his world-famous great uncle Bing, and when he presented a picture to the woman who woman who produced a channel spot on Cicada club (where he performs) of supposedly himself with Bing. It was actually a picture of Harry Crosby with his father Bing.

Reportedly Kathryn Crosby, the widow of Bing, has sent this Johnny Holiday letters to cease and desist using the Crosby name. There are no records of Johnny Holiday online prior to 2004. If his real name is Scott Ables there is even less online about him than Johnny Holiday.

His last posts were regarding cancer treatment. If he is suffering from cancer, godspeed and no one deserves to have that infliction, but someone close to him that wishes to remain anonymous claims that Scott/Johnny has been "suffering" from cancer for years. The source claims people feel bad for him, and think he is delusional. Whether he is delusional or just trying to make a buck, I do think the truth needs to come out. There are talented people in the Crosby family that are trying to keep the memory of Bing alive, and while Johnny Holiday is saying good things about Bing, he is also spreading lies that he is part of the Crosby family.

I have reached out to Scott Ables/Johnny Holiday for comments and/or his side of the story, but I have not heard back from him. If anyone knows the truth of how Scott Ables came to be called Johnny Holiday, please reach out to me...

Sunday, April 21, 2024


 Here is another great advertisement Bing did for Minute Maid. This looks to be from the 1950s. It is interesting that they were giving away orange juice too...

Sunday, April 7, 2024


Here are some wonderful photos of the two blue eyes - Bing and Frank Sinatra. They appeared together many times during their careers...

Sunday, March 31, 2024


In 1916, Bing became an an altar boy for St. Aloysius Church. Every third week, he attended and served mass at 6:30 a.m., Monday through Friday.

One of Bing’s friends asked him if he would like to sing at the church. Bing was hesitant, but ended up singing with the choir, and also doing a solo. Crosby impressed the other boys and many attending the church service.

St. Aloysius and Gonzaga were very important to Crosby. Both institutions played a big role in his upbringing and life. Crosby would later star in a movie that was based on his friendship with one of the priests at Gonzaga.

The Spokane neighborhood where Bing Crosby lived was mainly Catholic and was sometimes referred to as the “Little Vatican,” or the “Holy Land.”

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Friday, March 15, 2024


Here is a quick recording session that Bing had 67 years ago!

Date: 3/15/57

Location: Los Angeles
"Man On Fire" film title

Bing Crosby (voc), Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra (orc)
a. 16694-1 Man On Fire(Sammy Fain, Paul Francis Webster) - 2:54
EMI (UK) (EMI) CD7243 5 2281527 — LEGENDS OF THE 20th CENTURY - BING CROSBY (1999)
b. 16693-1 Seven Nights A Week(Jimmy Van Heusen, Sammy Cahn) - 2:31

Both titles on:
HARRY LILLIS (UK) CDHLYCD-001 — HARRY LILLIS - STEP TO THE REAR (limited circulation) (1993)

March 15, Friday. Records “Man on Fire” and “Seven Nights a Week” for Capitol Records with an orchestra conducted by Nelson Riddle. Bing’s record of “Man on Fire” is heard by the producers of the Man on Fire movie and is brought in to be used in the opening titles of the film.

Sunday, March 3, 2024


 Here is an interesting letter that Bing wrote to the manager from a Las Vegas hotel and casino...

Monday, February 19, 2024


Beautiful Memories is a 1976 vinyl album recorded by Bing Crosby for United Artists Records, and the last album of new material to be released during his lifetime. Eight of the songs were recorded at Devonshire Sound Studios, Magnolia Boulevard, North Hollywood on October 19 and 29, 1976.[1] The orchestral accompaniment was recorded in London on September 10 and 11, 1976 and Crosby dubbed his voice in Los Angeles. Of the other four songs on the LP, one had been recorded on February 26, 1975. The title song was dubbed by Crosby on November 5, 1976, also at United Western Studios, using the track recorded in London. Crosby was accompanied by Pete Moore and his Orchestra throughout the album and by The Johnny Evans Singers on certain tracks

The UK magazine The Gramophone reviewed the album saying: "Sadness inevitably surrounds “Beautiful Memories” by the late Bing Crosby, which must be one of the last LPs we will enjoy by this splendid gentleman with fifty years of consummate artistry to his credit, although we are advised of at least one more in the pipeline from Polydor. It is not his best album by any means, but Crosby never made a bad one to my knowledge, and there is much of value and interest in his versions of mostly recent pop ballads such as “A Little Love and Understanding,” “My Resistance Is Low,” “When a Child Is Born,” and “The Woman on Your Arm.” It is certainly a very adequate valedictory souvenir from a singer who has left beautiful memories for a multitude around the world.

Track listing:

1. "Beautiful Memories" Roger Cook, Herbie Flowers 3:46
2. "A Little Love and Understanding" Gilbert Bécaud, Marcel Stellman 3:17
3. "My Resistance Is Low" Hoagy Carmichael, Harold Adamson 2:18
4. "Children" Cyril Ornadel, Hal Shaper 3:52
5. "Déjà Vu (As Tho’ You Never Went Away)" Pete Moore, Ken Barnes 3:12
6. "When a Child Is Born" Ciro Dammicco, Fred Jay 3:22

7. "The More I See You" Harry Warren, Mack Gordon 2:26
8. "What I Did for Love" Marvin Hamlisch, Edward Kleban 3:22
9. "Yours Sincerely" Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart 2:43
10. "We've Only Just Begun" Roger Nichols, Paul Williams 3:55
11. "The Woman on Your Arm" Randy Edelman 3:53
12. "The Only Way to Go" Marvin Hamlisch, Tim Rice 2:56