Saturday, March 24, 2012


Do you ever hear a song that floods your senses with memories of the past? Transports you to a time when you were young, or even just yesterday? There are a few songs that will forever remind me of my father. He was always singing to my sister and I a hand full of songs, such as “Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow up to Be Cowboys”.

One of the songs I use to LOVE that he would sing for us was “Swinging on a Star”. A song you won’t find on any local radio stations. It reminds me so much of him and times when we use to jump in the car, stop at our local mom and pop store for my pick of candy and his signature “Tootsie Roll” and belt out tunes as we drove through the country.

Years ago I decided to add this song to my musical collection and purchased the Bing Crosby CD. I recently got the CD out to start sharing this song with my daughter. I’ve told her the history of it and how her grandpa use to sing it to me. We will sing it together in the car on the way to school sometimes. Today was one of those days and it made me happy to sing with my daughter and think of my father and how he is smiling down on us, happy that we are sharing a moment in honor of him.

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