Friday, July 6, 2012


On July 6, 2002 my world changed forever. On that day my grandfather died suddenly at the age of 73. I can not believe it has been ten years since that sad day. However, from that sad day came a new beginning in my life. My grandfather is gone but he left with me countless lessons and teachings that have guided me through my adult life. Needless to say, he was the one that got me interesting in Bing Crosby as well!

I became interested in Bing Crosby through my grandfather. As a little boy, I would wander down his basement with him, and we would listen to his countless 78's all day long. I would call my grandparent's messy basement as "record heaven". It was a heaven and a happy escape for me. I was never close to my father, so I spent a lot of time with my grandfather. He instilled in me a love of Bing and all the other great singers!

By listening to Bing Crosby, it has helped me out many times when I was feeling down. When my grandfather had heart failure in 1991, I listened to Der Bingle's version of "Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams", and I felt better. Whenever a relationship with a girl was not successful, I could listen to Bing's "I've Never Been In Love Before", and it seems that Bing is singing about how I feel. Later on still when my grandfather had more heart problems, I played his favorite Bing recording..."Pennies From Heaven" as I prayed for my grandfather's recovery.

Just as my grandfather helped me through the various obstacles a young adult faces, so has listening to Mr. Crosby. In the past I had troubles with graduating from college, finding a suitable job, and the hardest...finding that special someone. It was all put to ease whenever I heard a Bing Crosby recording and/or my grandfather's words of encouragement. Now ten years later, I have a family of my own and the wisdom of my grandfather and love of Bing Crosby I love passing on. Both seemed to be saying in their own little ways that it was important to wrap your troubles in dreams and dream your troubles away.

Thanks Grandpap...

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