Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I have never been able to find any wedding pictures of Bing Crosby and Dixie Lee from 1930, but here are the details as they appeared in The Los Angeles Times of September 30...

Dixie Lee weds Bing Crosby Another romance in Hollywood culminated in marriage yesterday when Dixie Lee, under contract to Fox, was wed to Bing Crosby, a member of Gus Arnheim's Orchestra and one of the original Rhythm Boys. Although the two have been going together ever since last January, they were able to keep their plans to wed secret and even Mrs. M. M. Wyatt, Dixie's mother, did not know of the projected marriage until yesterday morning.

The wedding took place in the Church of the Blessed Sacrament in Hollywood with Father Stack performing the ceremony. Betty Zimmerman, an old school friend of Miss Lee's was bridesmaid, while Everett Crosby, the bridegroom's brother was stood up as best man. It was through her chum Marjorie White that Miss Lee met Crosby. They were introduced at a party given by Miss White last January. Miss Lee's real name it was revealed was Wilma Wyatt and thus it was possible for she and her fiancé to apply for a wedding licence without being discovered. There isn't to be any honeymoon trip as both young people are too busy in their professions at this time to be able to spare time to go away. The reception is held at Everett Crosby's new house in Nichols Canyon...


  1. bing never forgot his Catholic religion. dixie, despite all her problems, converted at some point, i'd venture to say towards the end of her life. God bless her and bing.

  2. What was Dixie Lee's religion before convert to catholicism? Some other Christian denomination? Was she born as a christian like Bing?

    1. Hi, The Man!
      Yes, Dixie Lee was a christian just like Bing Crosby, she was born as a christian.

  3. Dixie Lee Crosby was not raised in any religion. But she was the one who made sure their boys attended Mass and that they met all the other Catholic doctrines.