Tuesday, February 7, 2017


My wife laughs at me because I defend Bing Crosby like I would for one of my children. It frustrates me that almost 40 years after Bing's death the rumors seem to get worse. Recently I was on facebook, commenting in a group, and someone posted a Bing exhibit they were going to. I thought wow, this would be a great post for a change. About an hour later the first posts appeared proclaiming Bing to be an "alcoholic", "a child abuser", and "a miser" - and those were the posts that were able to be written again! When I posted that I have written about Bing, and I have come to know some people associated with Bing, I was accused of being a "name dropper" and "wanting my own fame". Really? I love Bing Crosby, but if I wanted my own fame - latching on to a crooner that has been dead for 40 years is not how to do it!

Anyways, it just frustrates me that one book - "Going My Own Way" by Gary Crosby has changed how the public views Bing. In the 1930s and 1940s, Bing was the most widely admired person in the world, and now a smutty book took down his legendary status. It is a shame. I wonder where all this hatred from Bing really comes from? I mean there have been other books about stars that taint their reputation but they seemingly rebound. I always tell people that Bing was not a great father to his first family - but he was not the monster that people think he is. Bing was a human - capable of making mistakes. He was not perfect other than in his singing.

I had to get this off my chest. So far all of the people out there that now think that his children were hospitalized because he beat them up or Bing and Bob Hope used to trade young starlets back and forth or that his sons could not get any of his money until they were 85 - please expand your horizon and at least learn more about the man who gave millions of people enjoyment through decades of entertaining...


  1. I have nothing but the upmost respect for Bing, keep up the good work.

  2. I absolutely agree. It is simply unacceptable that one sensationalizing book written out of personal pain and used to intentionally defame and distort could tarnish one of the greatest American singers of all time. Crosby has an astounding legacy that stands high and clear for any lover of music who studies it and more to the point studies his place in history. It has always saddened me that ... limited knowledge (to be kind) leads to an instant condemnation without bothering to learn more and appreciate the complexities of someone that will continue to bring joy and fulfillment for enternity. Our son is 10 and he already appreciates Crosby at Christmas and when the time comes we will talk about the complexities of family life and how you cannot judge another without knowing facts from fiction.

  3. I absolutely agree. To condem and disregard our of hearsay is completely unacceptable. Crosby's work will last forever and continue to bring joy, happiness, and warmth to every person who is lucky enough to discover it. Our son is 10 and he already appreciates Crosby at Christmas. The same way I grew up.