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Bing Crosby is remembered best for light comedy and his crooning. However, there were a few roles that brought out the more dramatic side of this actor and singer.

In Little Boy Lost (1953), Crosby plays Bill Wainwright, an American journalist, who is in search of his lost son. Bill was a war correspondent during WWII, and had married a French woman. The two had a baby boy, but soon after the child was born, Bill had to go on assignment. He was wounded, and by the time he recovered and was ready to return to France and his family, the Nazis had already taken over and denied him re-entry. His wife, who he later finds out was working with the French underground, was killed by the Nazis, and his son was passed hand to hand among the underground members. Bill's post-war search for his now 8 year old son leads him to a French orphanage where he is presented with Jean, played by an adorable Christian Fourcade.

Unsure if this is really his son, Bill take little Jean to Paris where he hopes introducing him to familiar sights, sounds and smells will bring memories of his lost wife to the little boy, which would prove Jean is his son.

Because I want you to enjoy the suspense of the movie as much as I did, I will refrain from sharing the ending with you. You will have to see for yourself whether Jean really is Bill’s son, or will Bill have to decide whether to keep searching or settle for the fact that he will never find his son.

Christian Fourcade does a wonderful job portraying Jean, a young orphan who grows to love Bill and wants to belong to him. You will fall in love with this little character. Like me, you will probably feel as though you would adopt him whether or not he was really your son...


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