Friday, April 25, 2014


I usually don't post videos on my blog, but this is an interesting video which sort of eludes to some sort of Bing Crosby VS Jerry Lewis feud.

I doubt that is the case, but the video is interesting...

Club Crosby President Malcolm Macfarlane had this to say about it: "Jerry obviously has a selective memory as he has forgotten the times he subsequently golfed with Bing, had dinner with him in London and was invited to play in the Crosby Pro-Am. Bing and Dean Martin also gatecrashed the Eddie Fisher show on which Jerry was guesting in 1958".

Knowing how Bing was, he avoided people with swelled egos, and I believe that it was not so much a feud as Jerry Lewis was not the type of person Bing would want to hang out with...

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