Thursday, April 3, 2014


Not many people know the name Eb Lottimer. I wanted to research him because he not only is interesting but he would go on to be Bing's first son-in-law. He married Bing Crosby's only daughter Mary Frances Crosby after Bing died, but he did meet Bing in 1976.

"I wasn't really intimidated at the prospect of meeting Mr. Crosby," Eb recalls. "But, legend that he was and because I myself was entering the music business, I would have liked to have gotten to know him a little better than I did. I mean, I respected the fact that he was very protective of his only daughter, but ...." "What happened," Mary says, interpreting her husbands tactfulness, "is Daddy came downstairs, said, 'How do you do?' then proceeded to turn on the baseball game -- which he watched all during lunch. The primo moment came when we were saying grace. There's Daddy, checking Eb out from the corner of his eye, making sure he's crossing himself."

Eb Lottimer was born on June 21, 1951 in Richmond, Virginia, USA as Edmund Lottimer. He is an actor and director, known for Fright Night (2011), Breakin' (1984) and Beyond the Call of Duty (1992). He was the son of a Virginia investment man and his landscape architect wife. He married Bing's only daughter in late 1978 and remained married to her until they divorced in 1989. They had one child together. On his former wife Mary Crosby: If my career were taking off at the same time as Mary's, I couldn't enjoy her success nearly as well". "This way, I am a part of her success, and when I hit, she will enjoy that with me."

He also wrote, produced and directed the indie film, Divorce: A Contemporary Western (1998), which is a somewhat autobiographical piece about his breakup with his ex-wife, Mary Crosby. Just Shoot Me! (1997) series regular, Wendie Malick, played the Mary equivalent in the film. Denise Crosby, daughter of Dennis Crosby also appeared in the film. It does not seem like he ever remarried, but I am not sure about that. He is currently a Filmmaker in Residence at the Florida State University school of Motion Picture, Television and Recording Arts....

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